Tuesday 30th June 2020

Welcome to TeamMcAfee®. We’re passionate about Practical Digital Security. Protecting your data is vitally important, and encryption is key. But encryption is complex, and it has a long and complicated history. Any company - large, medium, or small, and any individual - Alice, Bob, or Eve, should have practical tools and practices at their disposal to allow them to safely navigate today’s digital life.

It all starts with your password strategy. In the early days of our digital world, you might have been able to get away with a single, clever, memorable password that you used at work, the bank, your email, etc…. Today, the sheer number of places that you need to use a password has increased exponentially.

Imagine using that single, clever, memorable password everywhere. Now imagine any one of those trusted sites is compromised, revealing your username/password combination, along with thousands and thousands of others to an unknown hacker. Not that big of a deal? It was only one site, maybe it was that hardware store you visited online. Now imagine super-fast computers using your single, clever, memorable password on any number of common websites in a blink of an eye - maybe the pharmacy, maybe BofA, maybe Chase, maybe Kaiser, maybe Anthem, maybe, maybe …. That single, clever, memorable password is only as strong as the weakest link in your digital marketplace.

TeamMcAfee® recommends discrete, random passwords in every instance that requires one. Now imagine the hardware store getting hacked. That would be annoying, and you’d need to change your password, but at least it’s isolated to a single instance. The rest of your digital marketplace would remain secure.

TeamMcAfee® also recommends using a password manager to manage your potentially enormous number of username/password combinations. There are several online services that allows you to store and manage complex random passwords as well as secure files and important documents. You only have to remember a single, clever, memorable password (your master password) to access your own library of stored complex random passwords for your digital marketplace. Your library of stored complex random passwords remains safely encrypted using the strongest and most robust encryption standard commercially available today.

The only secure password is one you can’t remember.