Who we are

TeamMcAfee® provides practical business solutions and product development services to organizations and individuals alike.

Our expertise spans -

  • CMMI-focused project planning and management
  • Embedded systems design
  • Image processing and machine vision
  • Software and firmware development
  • Electrical, optical, mechanical, and human factors engineering
  • Manufacturing/supply chain management
  • Regulatory agency testing
  • Product launch support
Your needs are unique - TeamMcAfee® can tailor a 3D Product Development Plan (Define - Develop - Deliver) to bring your product to market.


Focusing on what matters most to you, let's first explore and evaluate your concepts to identify and prioritize your requirements. Our level of involvement can vary from supporting and supplementing your internal team, to full project management and engineering team staffing.


TeamMcAfee® wants to help you get your idea to market. Together, we will develop and execute a plan that precisely satisfies all of your requirements within your cost and schedule constraints.


After your thoughtfully engineered prototypes pass validation and beta testing, we'll tune your design to meet your volume needs. A full manufacturing release, supply chain optimization, and pilot run ensure a stable manufacturing plan, and that your product makes it into your customer's hands.